Reitz vs. Buchanan: $8,000,000 settlement
Highest Paid Claim in Vioxx litigation: $5,000,000
Confidential motor vehicle accident: $2,900,000 settlement
Confidential settlement: $3,000,000
Pelvic Mesh Claim settlement totals: $500,000
Confidential personal injury settlement: $225,000
Confidential settlement: $250,000
Confidential settlement: $75,000
Biederman vs. City of Sioux City settlement: $2,500,000
Hoover vs. IBP workers’ compensation award: permanent, total disability based on mental health illness alone
Holstein Electric and Integrity Mutual Insurance vs. Breyfogle: An injury to the wrist is to be compensated under workers’ compensation law as an injury to the arm
Over 200 Social Security Disability Appeal Claims: greater than 50% success rate
Over 500 workers’ compensation cases settled or tried
Over 500 motor vehicle cases settled or tried

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