Dog Bite Injury

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injury and attacks can be mentally traumatic, physically life-changing experiences, and they account for 386,000 emergency-room visits each year, according to the CDC.

Many dogs can be, and sometimes are considerably stronger and larger than an average individual. Socialization, training, and proper treatment can make a dog less aggressive. Though unfortunately some dogs are specifically bred to be more aggressive.

In summary, man’s best friend has been bred to become man’s worst enemy, reversing 25,000 years of wolf-dog evolution.

Do YOU Need a Lawyer for a Dog Bite Claim?

One of the best reasons to have legal assistance, is that less than 1% of dog bite victims get compensated. On Average, dogs bite at least 4.7 million Americans per year, but insurance companies pay only 15,000 to 16,000 victims. So without a lawyer, a victim has very little chance of getting justice.

A lawyer for an injured person will not confront the dog owners, make them feel guilty, put them in a bad light, harass them, write threatening letters to them, embarrass them, foreclose on their home, drive them into bankruptcy, or have their dogs euthanized. At least, not unless one or more of those things is absolutely necessary, and never without the permission of the client himself. If the client wants his lawyer to behave in a gentle manner, then the case will be handled as the client instructs.

When the claim has been paid, the dog owners will realize that it was their insurance company that did all the work and paid all the money. Any of their initial anger will be gone. They will agree that the injured person hired an attorney only to arrive at a mutually fair conclusion — not for the purpose of hurting anyone.


Severe Dog Attack Injuries?  Hamilton Law Firm Can Help

Prompt medical attention is important to prevent dog bite infections and complications. Surgery may be required to drain abscesses, prevent or reduce the effects of lifelong scarring and other injuries.

Psychological therapy is helpful in many cases, especially in young kids, since this type of attack can be very mentally traumatic, above and beyond the physical injuries and should be paid for by those who are responsible for the dog bite attack.

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