Personal Injury FAQs

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Commonly asked questions concerning your personal injury case

Is it important to gather available evidence shortly after an accident?

The quicker you gain evidence concerning your injury, medical malpractice, or worker’s compensation, the better we can assist you in your case.

Since 1876, Hamilton Law Firm has been diligently working to help clients gather information on their cases. The more information we have, the better we can assist you in your case. We work to make sure you know all the evidence necessary to gather and exactly how we will be using it. We even provide FREE consultations to help you gather evidence.

What evidence should be gathered?
  1. Taking photographs of the accident scene.
  2. Taking photographs of both vehicles.
  3. Photographing your injuries, if visible.
  4. Taking statements from the other party.
  5. Taking statements from witnesses.
  6. Learning about the law that will control your case.
  7. Documenting your wage loss.
  8. Starting the process of collecting your medical bills.
  9. Getting reasonable and necessary medical care for your injuries.
Can I get lifetime medical bills paid for a personal injury?

Yes. With clearance from your doctor and a detailed itemization of what your future bills may cost, we can work to get you the compensation for your medical expenses even years after your accident or injury.

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